About Ceil Boyles

Ceil BoylesBefore embarking on my novel-writing journey, I spent several years as a researcher, first in early child development and later in youth corrections. I started with children’s and young adult books. I soon won a couple of contest awards and was certain my new writing career had been launched. Then reality set in. It’s a long road, paved with rejections, setbacks, and disappointments, and the only way to travel it is with persistence. You have to love it, and I do. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than create stories in which readers can experience new environments and go on exciting adventures without ever leaving their homes, or in which troubled teens can learn that they’re not alone in their doubts and insecurities, or anyone who so desires can simply bury themselves in a fantasy romance. In fact, just thinking about the endless possibilities makes me want to go write…so I think I will.

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